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A week ago I was given media access to Welcome to Rockville, it was the 2nd one that I attended but  definitely the better experience. Thinking back it was amazing to catch the performances of bands such as A Perfect Circle, Soudgarden, The Offspring, etc.. But what made the festival even more worthwhile was the talent that played the river stage, most of the bands I saw on that stage were unknown to me but it was clear by the size of the crowds that they had huge fans. Frank Carter & the Rattlesnakes would definitely be my favorite band that played that specific stage.

Since Rockville, I've been comparing it to other festivals that I've attended (Mayhem in Atlanta was the closest experience) and I have to say the way that they stacked the performances between the stages over the 2 days and the location of each stage made it fairly easy to catch each of your favorite bands. So I feel that they put in a lot of work to make it an excellent experience for all that attended. This is currently my favorite festival experience compared to the ones that I've attended in the past.

The only thing that I wish they had changed is some additional water fountains (I only found one) and some additional shading from the sun that Florida is famous for.

I also really liked how they had food and drink near each stage. While I was there I had some pizza (it was okay) and some Filipino food (that was amazing). It would have been great if they would have had some additional cold beverages/food available to keep you cool on those hot days.

Would I recommend Rockville to someone? Yes! I found that the staff, and most of the attendees  were amazing people, combine that with the performances and it made an overall excellent experience.

I imagine that going forward the festival will get even better next year (it was a huge step up from the previous one I attened), so keep an eye on the website and purchase your tickets for next year when they become available. I am certain you will enjoy it!
Post Welcome to Rockville Post Welcome to Rockville Reviewed by Jarod Smith on May 10, 2017 Rating: 5