STARSET Welcome To Rockville Saturday, April 29 2:10pm @ Metropolitan Stage

Don’t miss STARSET at WELCOME TO ROCKVILLE on SATURDAY, APRIL 29 performing at 2:10pm on the METROPOLITAN STAGE! The cinematic rock band is touring this spring in continued support of their sophomore album VESSELS. Hopefully you’ll be able to catch their set and include STARSET in your festival coverage.

VESSELS (Razor & Tie) is a data-stream rendered in sound where front man Dustin Bates becomes the deus-ex-machina in an age of information overload that is increasingly complex yet ultimately human. From atmospheric opener, "Back To The Earth" to the driving hooks of the album's first single, "Monster" to the catchy, nearly progressive moments of "Frequency," Bates has succeeded in escaping the gravity of formula radio rock. Instead, he has re-imagined his genre-defying vision as an arena where Hans Zimmer interfaces with Radiohead and Trent Reznor. VESSELS was produced by Rob Graves (Halestorm, Red) and mixed by Ben Grosse (Breaking Benjamin, Filter), who also helmed their 2014 Razor & Tie debut, Transmissions, a landmark album selling in excess of a quarter million combined albums, streams and downloads, and propelled by singles including the unforgettable "My Demons" (which spent an unprecedented 43 weeks scaling rock charts).

Upon its release January 20, 2017, VESSELS debuted at #11 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart, with more than 23,000 equivalent album units, and at #3 on the Billboard Top Current Rock Album Chart. The album has been receiving critical praise with Steve Beebee from Kerrang! giving VESSELS a 4K rating and hailing, If revered darkwave pop veterans Depeche Mode multiplied their aural dimensions by seven, something like Vessels would emerge (1/10/17) and naming it January’s Release of the Month adding, “Simply put, Starset’s Vessels works on multiple levels. If you’re looking for engaging singular tracks to fill your playlist, this album has several songs that could keep the band on radio for a long run. But if you’re looking for a deeper connection and a full listening experience, Vessels truly takes the listener on a journey both musically and thematically” (1/20/17). Additionally, gave the album 5 out of 5 stars noting, “Starset are a band of astronomical talent and, bigger and bolder, Vessels encompasses a whole new galaxy of sound. Every single track of the lengthy fifteen is catchy and orchestrated to perfection; the production is flawless, the band is at the upper echelon of their craft” (1/13/17). Elsewhere, Pure Grain Audio said, “Vessels represents what every sophomore album should be. It stays true to Starset's unique brand of hard rock, brooding and melodic like a cybernetic Breaking Benjamin, but it also showcases a band pushing itself into new territory...Checking out Vessels on January 20th is an absolute must and, by the end of 2017, you're gonna be looking back on it as one of the best rock albums of the year” (1/11/17), Music Existence praises Vessels as “is an outstanding exploration of sound. The album incorporates an array of different styles and influences that, though you would think shouldn’t go together, not only fit but work in a way that I’ve never heard before. Starset does all this without losing their identity as a band for the slightest second. And that’s what I find most remarkable” (1/20/17) and Rock Revolt Magazine adds, “This album tops my list as far as favorite albums go; it does NOT disappoint…This album will assuredly take listeners on a ride that they won’t forget and will be happy to return to, over and over again…The entire album is incredible from start to finish and is truly an example of Starset at their absolute finest. If you’re looking for an excellent album that will make you think and feel while still rocking your face off, look no further” (1/17/17).

Watch the unique 360-degree lyric video for “Ricochet” conceptualized by Bates HERE. The video—directed by Denver Cavins and Bates—was released January 6 and has already been viewed over 1.2 million times.

Watch the official audio video for "Monster" HERE, which has already amassed over 3.1 million views, and the official music video for “Monster” HERE, which has over 1.7 million views.

With over 300 shows logged to date, STARSET--front man Dustin Bates and his helmeted-and-pressure-suited crew, bassist Ron DeChant, guitarist Brock Richards and drummer Adam Gilbert--has distinguished themselves touring with the likes of Breaking Benjamin and In This Moment, playing major U.S. rock festivals and four sold out performances in planetariums, becoming the first rock band to play live in the full dome entertainment environment. This spring, the band will return to Welcome To Rockville, Fort Rock, Carolina Rebellion and Rock On the Range, the famed rock festival in the band's hometown of Columbus, OH, following their 2015 debut at all four events. STARSET had developed an unparalleled digital foothold, amassing nearly 700 million YouTube views, driven primarily by the band’s rabid fan base synching STARSET songs to a variety of visual images. Later this year, Marvel Comics will be releasing a graphic novel based on The Starset Society.

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