Saturday, April 8, 2017


Mosaert is pleased to announce the release of its capsule no. 4 in collaboration with the famous French shoes brand Repetto. The collection launched today on both brands' websites as well as in several shops all over the world.

The collaboration between both companies was born from the desire to offer a full outfit to the consumers by combining their specific skills, namely, textile and footwear.

Renowned for its unique process of fabrication, the "stitch and return," Repetto is a true institution in the fashion industry and the dance world. Revealed for its graphic prints, shaped cuts and bright colours,Mosaert proposes a unisex wardrobe with joyful colours.

The result:  two pairs of shoes, unique and unisex, to complete Mosaert's outline.

As a reminder of the dance world, the collection patterns illustrate flamingos on ballet shoes surrounded by vegetation. The paving is inspired by the Japanese fabrics and tapestry, while the range of colors is reminiscent of the painter Edgar Degas' color palette.

Mosaert completes its wardrobe with several items such as a bomber, an oversize sweatshirt, a knitted wrap-over top, a knitted jogging pants, a t-shirt, a polo and 3 pairs of socks.

This capsule has been mostly produced in Belgium and France. The shoes have been manufactured in Repetto's factory, the socks were made in France and the clothes have been printed, knitted and produced in Belgian factories.