Following the release of their latest single “Magnificent (She Says),” Manchester’s elbow have released a brand new track titled “All Disco,” the second song to be revealed from their highly anticipated forthcoming studio album “Little Fictions” which drops worldwide on February 3rd. Listen “All Disco” here.

"All Disco" is recognized by all four members of something of a new musical departure for the band, drawing inspiration from the late 60’s psychedelia scene and the likes of the Velvet Underground and is propelled by Mark Potter’s heavily overdriven guitar. The title is borrowed from Pixies’ Frank Black, who described his wealth of music (both with his band and as a solo artist) to Guy in a radio interview some years ago to somewhat self-deprecatingly as "all disco." The phrase stuck with Guy as a perfect understated tag for a lyric addressed to new songwriters to "give nearly everything to their art but remember their art is not everything." Guy adds that it is ‘one of the few songs on the album that started theme first’, that remembered quote being brought back into his mind during the album’s recording process.

“Little Fictions” is released by Concord Records in North America on 3rd February 2017 on Gatefold Vinyl, CD and Digital Download. Those pre-ordering the album digitally will receive “Magnificent (She Says)” immediately. A special edition boxset of the album containing a bespoke book, CD LP and digital download of the album is also available in limited quantities exclusively on the elbow store.

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